How to apply Driving License Online? Driving License The person who drives the vehicle. It is imperative to make them. Driving License In the year 1988, a government-recognized license is provided by the motor vehicle act to drive individuals. After that the person can drive. Driving without a driving license is legally considered a crime. Driving License के लिए ऑनलाइन आवेदन कैसे करें

If you drive any type of vehicle and you are of legal age. So you can apply for Driving License by taking permission to drive by the government. Driving license can be obtained by the government. How can we apply for Driving License through this article today? Will talk about it.

Documents required for Apply Driving License

To Apply Driving License Online, do it through the official website of Driving License through your mobile or laptop. While applying Driving License Online, you have to upload many types of documents. Based on the documents, your Driving License is approved by the RTO office and you are given permission by the government to drive the vehicle.

1. Ration Card
2. Voter Card
3.Electricity Bill
4. Aadhaar Card
5.water bill
6. PAN Card
7.Date of Birth Certificate
8.10th Marksheet
9. Passport
10. Original Residence Certificate

How Many Types of Driving License are there? What are the types of driving licenses

Before applying Driving License Online, it is important to know how many types are there. After that apply online form so that you will be able to get driving license as per your requirement:

  • Learning License (Learning License)
  • Permanent License
  • International Driving License
  • Duplicate Driving License
  • Light Motor Vehicle License
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle License

Driving License માટે ઑનલાઇન અરજી કેવી રીતે કરવી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

How to Apply for Driving License 

There are two ways to Apply Driving License Online, you can apply for your driving license by choosing one of the two methods.

Following are the two ways to apply for driving license

1. Apply for Driving License Online
2. Application for Offline Driving License

How to Apply for Driving License Online?

Driving License is a document issued by the Government of India through Offline. But in today’s time Driving License can be applied online. However, once you have applied online, you have to go to the RTO office to test your driving. Where your driving test is taken.

The process of Driving License by the Government of India was implemented by the motor vehicle act in the year 1988. Under this act, every person driving without a license is considered a legal offense. Fines are also imposed by the traffic police.

The process of getting the license is given below in the following steps. By following them, you will understand Driving License Online Kaise Banwaye sitting at home.

Step-1: Go To Sarathi Website
First of all open Google Chrome browser through your mobile or laptop. Go to the govt of India’s Road Transport and Highways Sarathi website in Google Chrome browser.

Step-2: Select State
Now a new page will open in front of you where you have to select your “State”. Can also see in the image below.

Step 3: Apply Online > New Driving License
After selecting the State, some option will appear in front of you. From this click on “Apply Online” then click on “New Driving License”.

Step 4: Instructions for Application Submission
Now some terms and conditions will appear in front of you. Click on Continue after reading them.

Step-5: Learner’s License Details
After clicking continue, a new page will open, here you have to enter “Learner’s License Number” and “Date Of Birth” in the options given here. After that click on OK.

Step-6: Application Form
Now Driving License Online Form will be available in front of you. In that you have to fill complete information according to the given option. It is mandatory to fill this information correctly. Because Driving License is an important document of yours and repeated correction takes a lot of time.

Step-7: Document Upload
Click on NEXT after filling the Driving License Application Form completely. After that you see some option to “Upload Document”. Upload your documents according to those options.

Step-8: Driving License Appointment
After uploading the documents, you are asked to choose the Driving License Appointment time. This will be your time. On the day you have to go to the RTO office and there your driving test will be taken.

Step-9: Registration Fees
After listening to the appointment time, officially some “Registration Fees” have been kept for Driving License. Pay that Fees Online

Step-10: Form Submission
Now submit the application form. After submission, your forum will go to RTO office.

Step-11: Application Number
After the application form is submitted, you will be shown an “Application Number”. In future during any problem they will get the solution of the problem on the basis of Application Number.

Step-11: Get Print Out
You can also take a “Print Out” of your online application form.

So in this way you can apply online driving license

How to Apply for Driving License Offline Apply?

The option to apply for driving license is also available offline by the Government of India. Although earlier there was an application for driving license through offline medium only. But now for the last few years, applying for online driving license has started. Follow the following steps to get driving license through offline.

Step-1: First of all go to your nearest RTO offline and get the driving license form from there with the help of an employee or a lawyer.

Step-2: You can download this 4 page driving license application form yourself or get it from the RTO office.

Step-3: After getting the application form, fill the form completely correctly. After that, submit this application to the RTO office by attaching your 6 passport size photographs and necessary documents along with that application form.

Step-4: After submission of this application form in RTO office, this form is uploaded on the online site by the RTO office employee. After that the print out is provided to you.

Step-5: According to the appointment time given in the print out, you have to go to the test venue and pass the driving test.

Step-6: After passing the driving test, your driving license is approved after a few days.

Step-7: When your driving license is made. So you can get your driving license with the help of a lawyer or from RTO employee.

In this way, you can apply your Driving License Online through mobile or laptop sitting at home. Driving license online application process has started from last few years. Driving license was provided through offline.

Conclusion:- Hope you have How to Apply Driving License Online? You must have liked the information and now you can apply Driving License Online sitting at home. If you have any question related to apply online dl in your mind, then do tell us by commenting in the comment box. If you like the information on Driving License Online Apply Kaise Kare, then definitely share it with the needy people.


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