Train Live Location – Do you also want to learn how to know the live location of the train, then today in this article we will teach you “train ka live location kaise dekhe”

Today increasing technology has made our daily life very easy. Today we can find out anything with the use of internet. Even if the train is late, Live Train Status can also find out where your train has come.

If you know all this information in advance, then you will not have to wait for hours at the railway station. Due to which your precious time will be saved and you will not be worried.

Train delay is a common thing in India, every day crores of railway passengers have to face this problem. But if you come to know before going to the station that where is your train now, and How to Check Train Live Location is your train late or not.

So today in this article we will tell you how you can find the live location of any train. There are many such applications and websites available on the Internet which help you to know the live location of any train.

So today in this article, I will tell you well with screenshots that how you can see train live location by using these websites and applications. Train का Live Location कैसे पता करे ?

How to Check Train Live Location

To know the live location of any train, you must first know the number of that train. If you have made a reservation, then both the name and number of your train are written on the ticket you have. Apart from this, the train number is also given in the e-ticket.

But if you do not have a reservation ticket, then you can find the train number by typing the name of the train on Google.

How to Check Train Live Location by RailYatri App or Website

RailYatri is a very good platform to know the live location of a running train. You can use its website or application as per your convenience. Both these platforms work on Real Time GPS Location functionality. It also uses the data of the people sitting in the train to give the exact address of the location, so that you get the correct and accurate information.

To use it in your mobile, you can download its App from Google Play Store, along with this you can also use it by visiting in your mobile or computer browser.

But we suggest you to use website as there is no need to Download Railyatri App for such small tasks. Follow the steps mentioned below to know the live location of the train.

Step-1: First of all open the website in the browser.

Step-2: Now scroll down the page a bit, where you will see the option of train status, click on it.

Step-3: After this, instead of Train Name / Number, fill the name or number of the train.

Step-4: After this, instead of From City / Station, fill the station name from where the train started.

Step-5: After that fill the name of To City / Station where the train will go.
Then click on search below.

Step-6: Now you wait for a while, about 1 minute. Then this website will tell you the live location of the train.

How to Check Train Live Location by Where Is May Train App

If you are also traveling by rail and want to check the live status of your train, then you have to follow these steps which are as follows –

Step-1: To do Train Ki Live Location Kaise Check Kare, first of all you have to download and install Where Is May Train App on your smartphone,

Step-2: Now you have to open this app

Step-3: After this you have to enter here that from where you are catching the train and till where you want to go.

Step-4: After this, you have to click on the submit option, after which you will get to see the list of all the trains running on this route.

Step-5: Now here you have to select the train by which you are going to travel and click on the option of that train.

Step-6: After clicking, you will be shown the live location and status of your train.

Step-7: Lastly, in this way all of you passengers can easily check the live status and location of your train and get its benefits etc.

After following all the above steps, all of you passengers can check the live status of your respective train and get its benefits.

How to Check Live Train Status From IRCTC (ixigo) App

Another name of IRCTC is ixigo. Ixigo is a very good app to know the live location of the train. With the help of this you can see the Live Location of the Train. To use this app, first of all Download ixigo App it from Google Play Store. This app is available for free on Google Play Store.

Step-1: First of all download and open the ixigo App.

Step-2: Now choose the language to use at your convenience and click on CONTINUE.

Step-3: After that enter your mobile number and click on continue (You can also login with your Google account or Facebook account)

Step-4: After that, after the registration process is complete, you will go to its home page.

Step-5: Now click on  Train Live Running status.

Step-6: Now in the From box, write the name of the station from where the train has started.

Step-7: Then in the To box, write the name of the station till which the train is going to go.

Step-8: After that enter the train number and click on proceed.

Step-9: After that this app will tell you the live location of the train.

Conclusion – Friends, today we have told about how to find the live location of the train. I hope after reading this article “How to Check Train Live Location”, you must have learned well how to see the live location of the train. You must tell by commenting how you liked this information live train running status! Thank you


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