Change Paytm Password – With Paytm, you can do many things related to your life, such as mobile recharge, viewing and filling electricity bills, booking train and bus tickets, online shopping, etc. Paytm is not only a wallet but it is also a virtual bank, you get all the facilities in it which are available in a normal bank like SBI and PNB.

For all these reasons, Paytm has more than 200 million users, Paytm being an e-wallet as well as a Virtual Bank, due to which the security has been well taken care of here. In this blogpost you will know how to create Paytm password. What do I need to do to create a new password?

Quite often it may happen to you that you have forgotten the password of your Paytm Wallet. If you do not have the correct information, then you may face difficulty in changing the password of Paytm. Here you have been told what to do if you forget the password of Paytm?

How To Create Paytm Password, How To Reset

To create a new Paytm password, you have to open the Paytm App in your mobile, after which you are first asked to Log In or Create a New Account. Here you do not get the option of Direct Forget Password.

Step-1: First you have to click on Trouble logging In, after which you have to click on Forget Your Password.

Step-2: Now click on Forget Your Password

Step-3: In the way to reset / change the old password of Paytm, you only had to do this, but now it has changed, here as soon as you click on Forget Password, a pop-up will open in front of you, in which you will be told. It has been said that to change the password, you have to call 0120-3888388 from your registered mobile number.

Step-4: When you call, you will be asked to change the password in the first option on IVR, if you want to change the password then you will be asked to press 1.

Step-5: If you have completed the process of IVR correctly, then a message will have come on your mobile number and registered email ID, in which you get a link to change Paytm Password. You have to click on this link and open it in any browser.

Step-6: After clicking on the link, you will get 2 options which is for security. Because here you have forgotten the password, no one else asked you to change the password, so you have to click on the option with I Forget the Password and enter the new password. Remember here you have to enter a strong password.

Step-7: After changing the password, you can log in to the Paytm App by entering your new password.

What should be the Paytm Password?

After completing all the steps to create a new Paytm password, you have to select a strong password, normally people enter some kind of password like – 12345, or someone’s name, but here you do not have to do this at all, Paytm password must contain at least 5 characters, followed by at least one number and one alphabet.

You can create some kind of password like LogicaDost99, the thing to keep in mind here is that it should contain at least one capital letter and one number, apart from this you do not have to use any special characters like @ or # .

Conclusion:- In Paytm you get many good features, with the help of which you can complete many tasks of your daily life in just a few minutes. If you use Paytm properly then it can save you a lot of time.


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