How to add stickers on WhatsApp. How to add sticker in whatsapp. WhatsApp has added many new features. Out of which Sticker is a new futures.

Today we are going to talk about how to add Sticker on WhatsApp in this post. If you do not know how to apply stickers in WhatsApp, then by reading this post you can also apply stickers very easily.

What is WhatsApp stickers?

You all would know that in today’s time whatsapp has become popular. Due to this, this company also keeps bringing new features along with some new updates all the time to retain the users. So that people keep enjoying with it. Due to which users never get bored, WhatsApp has added a new option of stickers. With which you can share funny stickers with your friends. And according to yourself, you can download and add stickers of your choice. You can also share directly in WhatsApp by editing stickers in mobile.

What is the use of stickers in WhatsApp?

You must have seen that while chatting with Gf, Bf sometimes sends such fun stickers while joking. Whenever he is side, he sends stickers or Gif images of sadness. And sometimes Angry on being angry?
Sends stickers. Similarly, stickers can be sent according to the time and situation. Stickers are used to indicate. Stickers do a good job of explaining your filling to the person in front.

How to make stickers from mobile?

To make stickers for WhatsApp from mobile phone, you must first make stickers with the help of any Android Photo Editors apps. For example, according to the type of stickers you want to add to WhatsApp, you can create stickers in Editor apps.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also make stickers for WhatsApp from your computer or laptop. For this, photo editor software of computer can be used. And can make beautiful stickers.

How to add Sticker on WhatsApp?

Here in this post, I will tell you two ways to apply stickers in WhatsApp, out of which you can add stickers by using the right method which you like. 1 way to apply stickers through Android Apps and 2 second way you will be able to apply stickers by editing yourself from mobile phone.

You have to signup before applying stickers in WhatsApp. First create account in whatsapp. Its information is in this post how to create account in whatsapp

1: How to put stickers in WhatsApp by any third party Android apps?

To apply stickers in WhatsApp through Android app, first of all you have to open Google Play store from your phone.

  • Go to Google Play Store and search by typing whatsapp stickers.
    After that, the app that adds WhatsApp stickers appears at the top of the search results. It has to be downloaded and installed.
  • Now this application has to be opened. After that choose any one from your Email id or from Facebook and Sign In, then click on the profile and click OK.
  • Now there are many stickers available in this apps, like BTS Stickers, memes, Taark Mehta stickers, youtube stickers, facebook stickers, instagram stickers, Top Trending stickers are also there, you can use it.

Out of this, whatever stickers you want to add in WhatsApp, the option of Add has been given in the right side of that stickers. And a small icon of WhatsApp has been given, click on it, in this way the stickers will be automatically added. Now you can go to your whatsapp and see that the stickers will have been added.

2: How to add Stickers to WhatsApp from mobile?

In this tips, I talk about how to apply stickers from mobile to WhatsApp manually. And I will tell you step by step.

  • First of all open WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  • You have to go to your WhatsApp, and open the chat box of any person. Like you use chat box to send message to someone, you have to go to chat option.
  • Now the emoji icon is made in the left side of the chat box, click on it.
  • After that click on the option of stickers. Now here you will see the stickers added earlier.

How to download stickers in whatsapp?

  • To add more stickers by downloading them from mobile. {+} option has been given in the sticker option, click on it.
  • Here the option of All Stickers and My Stickers is available.
  • My Stickers contains all your downloaded stickers.
  • All types of stickers are available in All Stickers, which you can download. In the option of all stickers, Happy Diwali sticker, paisa party, fun Sticker, and such stickers which you can download and use.
  • Apart from this, a Discover Stickers Apps option has been given, clicking on it will go directly to the Google Play Store, and you can also download Stickers Apps from the play store there.

Have you seen how easy it is to put stickers in WhatsApp. In this simple way you can also download stickers. And you can add in Whatsapp. If you have any question then you can ask by commenting. Thank you

How to Delete Whatsapp Sticker

To delete WhatsApp sticker, open the chat, click on the emoji, then click on the sticker, then click on the plus icon, go to my stickers, there is an option to delete the sticker, now delete it.


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