How to make online PUC certificate, do you also want to download your vehicle’s pollution certificate online, then in today’s post you will get answers to all your questions, as well as we are going to tell you the complete process by which you can download your vehicle’s online PUC certificate. Will be able to get it done very easily. In this post, we have also added FAQ at the bottom which will make it easy for you to understand.

Nowadays we will find policemen standing at every crossroad and naka and most of these policemen stand to issue challans if we do not have license or PUC certificate of our bike then at the same time our challan is deducted. The police have become very serious about the challan in time.

If you do not have PUC certificate, then the police do not make any laxity in this, no matter how many requests you make to them, they keep cutting your challan, but it has been noticed in many people that those people do not have PUC certificate. Do not know about what is PUC, then friends, in today’s article, we will know what is PUC certificate and how to create online PUC certificate. If you want to get information about PUC certificate, read this post carefully. read

What is PUC certificate

Before knowing other information about PUC, you need to know that what is the full form of PUC i.e. what is the full form of PUC, so friends, the full name of PUC is Pollution Under Control, all people know that pollution for us. The more pollution is harmful to us, the more harmful it is to our environment, so considering this topic, the Government of India has decided to make PUC certificate.

PUC certificate is given to us only after checking our vehicle, if we have PUC certificate then we are saved from challan because if we do not have PUC certificate then our challan up to 10 thousand rupees can be deducted, PUC While making the certificate, it is checked from our vehicle that how much pollution our vehicle is doing, if the pollution report of our vehicle is correct, then we get our PUC certificate at the same time and it is valid for about 3 months.

Benefits of PUC Certificate

If you get PUC certificate made, then you get to see many benefits from it, so let us see what are the benefits we can get from PUC certificate.

  • If you get PUC certificate made, then this PUC certificate is valid in the whole country, it does not happen that if you go to another place, you will have to make another
  • PUC certificate there, so you get the advantage of PUC certificate that you have to You don’t have to change it frequently.
  • If you get the PUC certificate made, then after that you will be able to drive your bike or car in the whole city very easily, but if you do not get the PUC certificate made, then your challan can be deducted anytime and your challan will be small. No, but your challan up to Rs 10,000 can be deducted.
  • If we get PUC certificate made, then we also get information about our vehicle that how good it is or how bad it is because if it pollutes more then it means that there is some problem in the engine of our vehicle. In this way, we keep getting information about our vehicle from it.

How to Make Online PUC certificate

To make a PUC certificate, first you have to go to your nearest pollution testing center, pollution testing center is available at every petrol pump, if there is a petrol pump near your house, then you will go there, then you will get a pollution check there. You will get to see the investigation center, after going there you have to get your PUC certificate made from the person sitting there.

To make a PUC certificate, the person with the pollution testing center checks the pollution of your car or bike, how much pollution your vehicle is doing, to check the pollution, he uses a pollution meter, which he uses in your car or bike. K checks your pollution by putting it in the silencer, if the pollution of your vehicle is fine, then it makes your PUC certificate at the same time, in this way you can get your PUC certificate made very easily from the pollution checking center.

How to Download PUC Certificate Online

If you ever lose your PUC certificate by mistake, then you can easily get this PUC certificate again, for this you do not need to go to the pollution test center, you can download the PUC certificate online from here. So let’s know how we can download our PUC certificate online.

1. Open Google
To download the PUC certificate, first of all you have to open your Google or Chrome browser, after opening you have to go to the search bar and search by writing parivahan, as soon as you search it, you will get a lot of information. When the page of C websites will open, then you will get to see the first website there, you have to open it.

If you want to go to the home page of this website, then you can also go to the home page of this website by clicking on this link of ours.

2. Click on the option of Online Services
When you open this website, after opening it, you will see an option called Online Services as you can see in the photo below, you have to click on that option as soon as you click on that option. If you do, you will see an option named PUC below, click on it, as soon as you click on this option, you will be redirected to a new page by the website.

3. Click on PUC Certificate option
As soon as you are redirected to the new page, you will see a popup ad there, then you will see a cross mark in the top corner, click on it and cut it, then you will see a PUC certificate there. An option will appear, you have to click on it.

4. Fill the form
As you will do on the option of PUC certificate, then a form time will open in front of you, you will see the option to enter your registration number and chassis number there, then you have to put your registration number and chassis number there, and as soon If you enter your chassis number, then by entering the captcha code below, you have to click on the option of PUC Details.

How much does it cost to make PUC certificate?

If you want to get PUC certificate made and are wondering how much the cost of PUC certificate comes last, then friends, the cost of PUC certificate varies from state to state, but if we look at the approximate cost, it will cost us 50 to ₹ to make PUC certificate. Expenses up to 100 are seen.

You will get to see this cost separately according to each state, and whenever your PUC certificate is made and you get your PUC certificate, then you can check inside it also because the price of PUC certificate is also written inside it. Is.

Which type of vehicles do not need PUC certificate

It is not at all that all the vehicles in India need PUC certificate, some such vehicles are present in our India which do not need PUC card, if we drive those vehicles without PUC card. Even then we are not deducted any kind of challan.

We can easily drive those vehicles anywhere, so let’s see which are the vehicles that we can drive without PUC certificate.

  • Battery Operated Car/Scooty/Bike
  • e-rickshaw

FAQs Related to PUC Certificate

What is PUC certificate?
The full form of PUC certificate is Pollution Under Control. This certificate is issued after checking the vehicle, which shows that your vehicle is not polluting more than the prescribed standards. If you have a vehicle, then you must have this certificate. get it made.

Can get online PUC certificate?
When we go to make PUC certificate of our vehicle, there the pollution in our vehicle is checked, to check the pollution, a pollution meter is checked by putting it in the silencer of our vehicle, and our number plate The photo is taken, only after that our PUC certificate is made, for this reason we cannot make PUC certificate online sitting at home.

For how many months is the PUC certificate valid?
The time limit of PUC certificate is about 3 months, after 3 months we have to get our PUC certificate renewed again, if we roam around with the same PUC certificate after 3 months, then our challan will be deducted very easily. That’s why you get your PUC card made again after every 3 months, and along with it, the date is also written on the PUC certificate, for how many months it is going to last.

From where can PUC certificate be made?
PUC certificate can be made by going to the nearest petrol pump of your house, whenever you go to the petrol pump to get petrol, then you must have seen a small room written there with the name of pollution, which enters the petrol pump. If it is on the corner, then from there you can get your pollution certificate made.

Can download PUC certificate online from home?
You can download your PUC certificate very easily sitting at home and I have told you the process in the above article, how you can download your PUC certificate online sitting at home.

Conclusion:- In today’s article, we have got information about how to make online PUC certificate topic, How to download PUC Certificate Online, in this article we told you what is PUC certificate and how we can make PUC certificate, if you want PUC certificate If you want to make, then we have also given you detailed information in the article about how you can make PUC certificate online and from outside, if you have liked today’s article, then definitely share this article to as many people as possible.


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