How to Edit Photo from Mobile? – In today’s era, almost every Instagram professional, beginners, Facebook users who want to enhance their photos but they are not able to do photo editing or rather they spend time searching for photo editing apps. Sometimes they use that app.

If you are tired of doing this and you have not found a better app yet, then friends, in this article I will tell you how you can edit photos with the help of your Smartphone and what are the Best Tool For Photo Editing? Or which are the Best App For Photo Editing? That’s why if you also want to do Photo Editing from Mobile Phone, then stay with us in this article.

Best Apps or Tools for Photo Editing

Friends, it is very important to have the best tools for editing photos so that you can edit photos properly and the look and design of photos look professional. Below you have been told about some apps and tools which if you learn to use them properly then you can do very good photo editing. We have not written this post on the promotion or sponsor of any Photo Editing, rather I am going to share my experience with you which are mentioned below

Snapseed By Google: The Best Photo Editing App

As it is known from the name that this app is made by Google, then the features will also be amazing, yes, this app is made by Google and it is absolutely free and there is no limitation in it. It is said to buy the premium version but it is absolutely free and ads free too.

Snapseed is a very popular Photo Editing App. With its help, you can give a professional look to your photos. You can download this application from Play Store, it has been installed by more than 100M+ people from Play Store and its rating is 4.3 out of 5, which is enough to prove this app professional, anyway this app It had to be professional because Google has made it, brother, now let’s know about the features of this app:

In this you get to see many features and it is very good as compared to any Free Photo Editing App. Along with more features than any Free Image Editing App, you also get to see a very strong interface in this app.

मोबाइल में Photo Edit कैसे करें

Best Background Remover

Friends, to remove the background of your photo, you should use the app less, rather use the website, which is a very popular and very good background remover website and its app is available on Google Play Store, which you can search You can download this app absolutely free.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is also a very good Photo Editing Tool and it comes from a very famous company Adobe. Many people like it for photo editing and video editing as well. This application has been downloaded more than 100M+ times from Play Store and its rating is 4.4 and this app comes in the category of Editors Choice. If you have not used Adobe Lightroom yet, then I would advise you to try it once, you will definitely like this app. Many people definitely recommend it and many features also come in it. You can download it absolutely free from Play Store. Yes, keep in mind that this app also comes with the premium version of Adobe Lightroom, you can try that too and after trying it, your experience will be on the next level.

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor App

PicsArt Photo Editing App comes to you from PicsArt.Inc and has been downloaded more than 500M± times from Play Store and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 and this app comes in the category of Editor Choice. In this app, you will get to see many great features and tools, this app is not free at all, this app also comes with a premium version, which you can buy, according to my suggestion, it will be beneficial for you.

Photo Editor — Polish

Photo Editor — Polish application developed by Inshot.Inc. It has been downloaded more than 100M± times from Play Store and its rating is 4.5 out of 5 which makes this app very popular. With the help of this app, you can do amazing photo editing.

So friends, we have learned a lot about the best photo editing apps, now it is the turn of ‘How to edit photo from mobile’ How to Edit Photo in Mobile?
How to edit photo from mobile? How to edit photo from mobile?

I already told you the name of the photo editing app in mobile, let us now know that with its help, how do you edit photos in mobile?

First of all, I would like to tell you that all photo editing apps are almost the same but their UI ie User Interface is specific or different. If someone likes Snapseed, then someone likes Lightroom, it depends on you which app you like and with which app you like photo editing. I want to tell you about some things which are common in almost all the apps. Such as Crop Tool, Rotation Tool, Text, Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, Shadow, Sharpening, Structures and Vignette, etc., about which we will learn about all little by little.

Description of Important Tools For Photo Editing

1. Crop:- You get the option to crop in almost all photo editing apps. With the help of this you can crop your photo. For example, if you have a full photo, then you can cut it and make it as small as you want.

2. Rotation:- With the help of this tool, you can rotate your photo. If you have dragged your photo upside down, then you can straighten it with its help.

3. Brightness:- With the help of this, you can increase or decrease the light of your photo according to you.

4. Text: – With the help of this, you can write whatever you want on your photo and after that you can increase or decrease its size.

5. Contrast:- Contrast (difference or change) has to be set according to the brightness of your photo and with this you can increase or decrease the depth of color in your photo.

6. Warmth: – By this, the feeling of heat starts coming in your photo, by using it the photo starts turning yellow.

7. Structure:- Due to this all the pixels of your photo will start getting darker and all the pixels will be visible to you. The less you make this Pixel, the deeper this work will become.

8. Sharpening & Structure:- Both Structure and Sharpening work in almost the same way. This makes your photo look like a cartoon.

9. Vignette:- With the help of this tool you can increase or decrease the brightness of any part of your photo.

10. Shadow:- If you reduce the shadow, then the shadow will decrease and if you do more then the shadow will increase.

Conclusion:- So I have introduced you to the tools of some normal photo editor apps, if you want to know about it completely, then send us by writing in Contact Us Page ‘Next Part Of Photo Editing Tools’, I will definitely post this for you. Will write If you liked this article, then share it with your photo editing friends and do not forget to follow us on Instagram and Telegram. Thank you!


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