How to get weather information from mobile

How to get weather information from mobile:  You can Get wind speed from mobile phone. Also find temperature Celsius degree from mobile phone. know when it will rain from mobile phone. How to know all information about current weather of your area in android mobile phone. Mobile phone how to find out what time the sun rises and sunset in your area. Today in this post we will know the weather information from this mobile.

Let us know today from your android phone “when will it rain” in your area, what will be the temperature, what will be the wind, when will the sunset, when will the sun rise, know all these information about the weather from here on your mobile phone to do it There are two ways. One option is to find out by installing the weather application in your mobile and the other option is to find out by adding a widget to the mobile, today we know about both.

How to get weather information from mobile || First way Add widgets

How to add widget to get weather information from mobile. To add a widget, first go to the home screen of your mobile. Lightly press on the mobile screen, press and hold the finger on the top of the screen. Now at the bottom you will see the option of widgets on the screen. Click on that widget option and from that click on weather widget and add it to the screen.

Now the widget is added to your mobile. Now touch on it with your finger and add your area to it. Add your whistle. To add your area, type the name of the city or area closest to you in the search bar below Super Add City. When you type the name of your area, then the name of that area will appear at the bottom. Now add what you have searched by clicking on it or else another option will appear below the current location, by clicking on it your area will be added automatically.

Now your region has been added. Your current location has been added, now by clicking on it you will see all the weather data for the area you are in. In it you can see above that the temperature of your area. It will show how many degrees it is and if you scroll down a bit, you will see an hourly update from dawn to dusk.


Now look below in this wind option, you can find out the wind of your location. In this I will show you what is the wind speed in your area. How much is it, at what speed the wind is blowing and in which direction it can be detected. Like what is the wind direction? By the way, East West North South, what is the wind speed, you can know the speed per km hour like this.

Waxing gibbous

If you look under this waxing gibbous, you can get to know about the time of sunset and the time of sunrise. If you look at me, you will see the option of sunrise and sunset below, that means what time the sun rises and sets. In this you can find out about setting and rising times.

How to get weather information from mobile || Second way Accuweather App

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  • In this second way we know to get weather information from mobile by downloading and installing weather application in our mobile.
  • For this, first we go to Google Play Store and search for the application named Accuweather and download and install it.
  • Now open the application.
  • Then click on Continue and then click on Agree button.
  • Now after opening the application, 3 lines are visible in the top left side, click on it.
  • In this there is an option of location, write the name of your location in it.
  • Search by typing the name of your nearest area.
  • Your current location will show and after clicking on it you will see that all the details of your area have been entered.
  • You can learn about the temperature, about the climate and also about the rainfall conditions.

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Conclusion:- So in today’s article we have given you detailed information about “How to get weather information from mobile”. This way you can know about the weather in your area and get all kinds of meteorological information. We hope you liked today’s article. If you want, you can also share this article on social media sites. See you with a new useful information. Thank you..!!


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