Do you also want to know Owner Name by Vehicle Number (Gadi Number Se Malik Ka Naam) Online. That is, find out the owner online by the car number, then you are reading the absolutely right article. Today all the work is being done online. In such a situation, you can easily extract the information of that vehicle and its owner from the vehicle number written in the number plate of the vehicle.

You can easily get the detail of any vehicle like :- Bike, Car, Bus, Tractor etc from your mobile. So for this you must read this article till the end how to find out whose name is the vehicle.

How to Find Vehicle Owner online by Vehicle Number

In today’s time most of the people must have a vehicle. Nowadays, many types of wrong things are done with vehicles. The drivers get away by accident on the road. In such a situation, you remember the number of that vehicle for action. So from that you can easily find the owner of that vehicle. If you are buying a second hand car, bike, car etc.

So in future there should not be any fraud with you. So for that you would also want to check this. from whom you are buying the car. Is that person the real owner of that vehicle? When and in which RTO is the vehicle registered? Expiry date of car insurance etc. So you can get all this information in a pinch. Yes!… you don’t even need to go anywhere for this.

You can get all these information from the official website of Transport Department, RTO App and SMS in your mobile or laptop sitting at home. So let’s know Gadi Ke Number Se Malik Ka Naam Kaise Pata Kare in these 3 ways.

  1. Official Website of Transport Department
  2. mParivahan Application
  3. SMS

1. How to Find Owner Name by Vehicle Number by Website

Each vehicle has a number plate. In which the number of the vehicle is written. This number is provided by RTO. RTO i.e. Regional Transport Office is an organization of the Government of India. Which issues registration certificate (RC) and driving license of vehicles. That is, the RTO has the accounts of the vehicles.

Official website of Ministry of Transport, Government of India. From where you can find the owner’s name from the online vehicle number by creating your account. Then follow the next steps.

Step-1: First of all go to by clicking on the website of Transport Department here and click on the menu icon.

Step-2: Now click on Know Your Vehicle Details.

Step-3: After this, after entering your mobile number and Email Id in Create Account, click on Generate OTP.

Step-4: Now click on Verify by entering OTP received on mobile or email.

Step-5: After that enter your Name, Password and Confirm Password and click on Save button. (Password should be composed of alphabets, numbers and special characters)

Step-6: Your account has now been created. After this click on Back to Vehicle Search.

Step-7: Now by entering the mobile number, Next and entering the password, click on the Continue button.

Step-8: Finally, enter Vehicle Number and Verification Code i.e. Captcha and click on Vahan Search.

Just do this, the information about that vehicle will appear in front of you. But yes! Here the name of the owner of the vehicle will not be clearly visible due to privacy reasons. In such a situation, you especially want to know the name of the Vehicle Owner. So for this read the method of online RTO App here below.

How to Know the owner by vehicle number by Application

Are you an Android smartphone user? So on Google Playstore you will find many Gadi Number Se Malik Ka Naam Pata Karne Wala App. But it is very easy to get Detail from the vehicle number from the app mentioned here. There is no hassle of creating an account in this.

And all the information of the vehicle is also received. So follow the next steps to know the name of the owner of the vehicle with the help of this application.

Step-1: First of all download “CarInfo RTO Vehicle Information” app from playstore.πŸ‘‡

Step-2: After that open the app and click on Skip above.

Step-3: Now you can create an account in CarInfo app by clicking on Login with OTP and entering mobile number and OTP, if you do not want to create account then click on Skip again in the app.

Step-4: After this Who are you? Select Vehicle owner and click on Continue.

Step-5: Now choose your city.

Step-6: After this click on Search vehicle.

Step-7: Now enter the vehicle number ie Vehicle Number and click on search.

After completing these steps, all the necessary information of that vehicle will appear in front of you with the vehicle number entered by you.

Other App to Know Vehicle Owner Details

Apart from the CarInfo app on Google Playstore, there are many other great apps for extracting vehicle information. If you want, detail of the car from these apps also

1. RTO Vehicle Information

These apps are also very easy to use. This 28MB app has 10 million+ downloads on Playstore and has a rating of 4.4β˜…. To use this app, you have to login with Google account.

To use this app, install it from Playstore, then select language and city. After this, click on RC Details, enter the vehicle number and click on search. Just now you will get vehicle information.

2. mParivahan

This is the official app to know the name of the owner of the vehicle. The mParivahan app is of 33 MB. Which has got 5 crore+ downloads and 3.9β˜… rating on Playstore.

To use this app, you have to create an account by entering mobile number and OTP. By the way, in this app you will get all the information about that vehicle. But you will not see the Owner Name clearly.

3. How To Know Whose Name Of The Vehicle Is (By SMS)

You can also get the details of the owner of the vehicle by sending an SMS. Yes!.. This feature is especially great for mobile users with buttons. In this way, type a message to know the name of the owner of the vehicle.

By typing VAHAN in the message, type the vehicle number by giving space and send it to 7738299899. For example :- VAHAN BR70A1234

After a few seconds of sending the message, an SMS will come in your mobile. In which the name of the owner of the vehicle and some information of the vehicle will be there. In this way, even by sending a message, you will get to know the name of the owner of the vehicle.

FAQs – Question related to finding owner name from vehicle numberΒ 

How to know owner name online by bike number

To know the name of the owner of any vehicle by the number of bike, car etc., download the RTO app from the link given in the above article. And login to it with google account. Then select Language and City. Then click on RC Details and enter the vehicle number and click on Search.

How to get Engine Number and Chassis Number from vehicle number?

From the vehicle number, you cannot clearly know its engine number and chassis number. Earlier, with many apps, you also got to know the engine and chassis number of the vehicle. But now only half incomplete information is available on these apps. But yes! You can definitely find out the name of the owner by the number of the vehicle.

How to find owner’s address and phone number from vehicle number?

From the vehicle number, you cannot find the address and phone number of its owner because it violates the privacy of the vehicle owner. Only the police can extract this detail. But yes… in which RTO the vehicle is registered. You can find out.

Conclusion :-Β  In today’s article, you must have learned how to know Vehicle owner information by vehicle Number (Gadi Ke Number Se Malik Ka Naam ) Online. By the way, in this article, find out from the vehicle number, all the ways of owner online are good. But if you want to get the details of the vehicle and its owner.

Then App method will be best for you. If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends and family.


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