How to know who Watches your WhatsApp Profile: Hello friends, in today’s post we will know who watches our Whatsapp Profile and how to know. If you have also put your DP on Whatsapp and want to know who has seen your DP and who has not, then stay in the post till the end.

Whatsapp was started in 2009, then it was used only as a Messenger app. But since then people started liking this app a lot. Due to which this app has brought a lot of changes in its features over time.

After this, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg in 2014. And at the moment Zuckerberg owns it. And in today’s time, people are liking this app so much that whenever a person takes a new mobile, first of all he downloads Whatsapp in his mobile.

Due to which more than 500 crore people have downloaded this app from Playstore till now and more than 30 million people together have given a rating of 4.1 stars. So let’s know how to know who views your Whatsapp profile.

How to know who Watches your WhatsApp Profile

Friends, first of all I would like to tell for your information that there is no such feature in Whatsapp, so that you can find out who has viewed your WhatsApp profile. Because it is against the privacy of the users of this app.

And Whatsapp keeps the privacy of each of its users secure. But yes, you can know about who views your WhatsApp DP using third party apps. What we are about to know now.

How To Know Who Watches Whatsapp Dp

  • Step-1. First of all download an app named Whatsapp Tracker from Google in your mobile. For this, search Google by typing Whats Tracker Latest Version and download it.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

  • Step-2. After downloading, open this app and after reading the privacy policy click on the option Agree and Continue.
  • Step-3. After that select your country and enter mobile number and click on Sign In option.
  • Step-4. In the next step enter your name and select gender and click on Let’s Go.
  • Step-5. Now this app will ask you for some permissions, give them permission.
  • Step-6. After doing this, this app will be successfully open in your mobile, in this you will see three options, Contacts, Visited and Visitor Here all your contact numbers will be visible in Contacts.

And whose Whatsapp profile you saw in Visited will be visible. And the visitor’s option can be used to find out who has visited your profile. So friends easily know in this way who sees your profile stolen.

Can we really know who Watches Whatsapp DP

Now friends, a question must also come in your mind that can we really know who sees our DP then our answer is absolutely nothing means there is no such app available on playstore or any platform which will give you 100% correct data. will show.

We have already told you that Whatsapp is a very secure app and its security is of a very high level. And no app is able to crack or access it and even the apps which show you the data about who viewed your WhatsApp profile are also wrong.

So while using this app whenever needed, always keep in mind that the data you are viewing may be wrong.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Tracker App?

Whats Tracker is not safe to use any third party app. And when using these apps, your data is not safe at all. So whenever you need any app, first of all install that app from playstore.

After this, if you need an app very much and it is not available on Playstore, then you can download it from Google. But yes, keep in mind that these apps have security issues.

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Conclusion: We hope you liked our article “How to know who Watches your WhatsApp Profile”. So friends, now you must have come to know that how to know who has seen Whatsapp Dp, hope you have liked this article, if yes, then definitely share it with your friends on social media. If you have any question related to this article or you want to give any suggestion then you must tell us through comment..Thank you!!


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