How to make Short Video Status from Mobile – Hello friends are you also fond of status videos, do you also like to put status videos on WhatsApp and Facebook. If your answer is yes then this post is only for you.

Today I will tell you that how you can make a status video for yourself, I will show you in the whole process by doing it from mobile itself, that how we can make Whatsapp video for ourselves.

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How to make Short Video Status from Mobile

  1. First of all, you go to the YouTube app and download a Green Screen Lyrics Video from there, it is very easy to download Green Screen Video, Green Screen at the end of the song name of the song you want to download. Search by writing.
  2. You will get many songs of the same lyrics which you can download with the help of any external app so that the video can be saved in your file manager.
  3. After that you have to download KineMaster or Power Director apk, both these apps are almost same, same future is available in both the apps.
  4. Currently, I am talking about making status videos from KineMaster, both Power Director and KineMaster have almost the same future.

मोबाइल से वीडियो स्टेटस कैसे बनाये

How to Make Short Status Video with Kinemaster

  • First of all you download KineMaster App, you will get KineMaster App very comfortably from Play Store which you can install for free. If you want, you can directly download the App by clicking on the link below.
  • After downloading the App, set it correctly, it may take a little delay to open for the first time, you should set it correctly.
  • After that, you have to click on the one in the middle which has a plus sign.
  • After that you have to set the size ratio of making your video, you will get three options for the size.
  • Now click on the Media button and select the media like video photo you want to edit.
  • But here we are learning about making Whatsapp Status and Facebook Status, for which we have already downloaded a green screen video and learn to make status by editing it.
  • To make a Status Video, click on the media and select a photo or video for the background.
  • You will already get some Download Background Image in the App, you can apply your own Background Photo and Video if you want.
  • I have added this background, you can apply any background according to your choice, increase this background for as many minutes as you want to make status video.
  • And by clicking on the Layer option, select the video with that Green Status. Now you click on the line with Green Screen, you will get more options by clicking on the line.
  • You will get an option of Chroma Key from the option itself, click on it. Click on Chroma Key and enable that option.
  • After enabling, set the green color from Curves correctly, after setting the green color will be removed from the video. Now you can play the video by writing the name etc. correctly.
  • If you find everything right, then click on the Exit button on the right side and then import that video. In this way you can easily make Status videos with KineMaster.

Conclusion:- Friends, I hope you have come to know about How to make Short Video, Status video Kaise Banate Hai mobile se. How do you make status video, tell us how you liked the post by commenting. Share this post with your friends as well and teach them how to make Whatsapp, YouTube and Facebook Status Videos with KineMaster.

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