Friends, most of us do not know how many acres of land is spread in the place left by our parents or our ancestors. And this question often comes in our mind that how land is measured, how to measure land with mobile phone, how to measure your land, how to measure land by walking, how to measure land with jio mobile or mobile se Ghar ki Jameen Kaise Nape like this Many questions come in our mind.

So friends, you do not need to worry much because in today’s changing digital world, you can easily Apne Khet ki Jameen Nap Sakti Hai from your Android mobile, now you will not need major tape or lace like before. Just for this, you have to download an application on your mobile and with the help of that you can measure your land, so friends, let us know how to measure land with mobile.

How to measure land with mobile.

For this you have to download an app on your mobile phone. After this, you take the mobile phone in your hand and take a complete round of your farm or land, after the complete round of the land, the mobile will tell through that App that in how many acres your farm is spread. But yes, it is important to note that it is not valid from the point of view of official measurement.

How to measure land from mobile.  Mobile Se Jameen Kaise Nape

Step-1: First of all you have to go to the Play Store of your mobile phone. And from there the application named Geo Area GPS Area Calculator has to be downloaded.

Step-2: One thing you should keep in mind while using this app is that your GPS should always be on.

Step-3: Internet Speed ​​of your mobile should be good.

Step-4: After opening this app, this type of interface will open in front of you.

Step-5: After this you have to click on the arrow mark which is visible at the top left side.

Step-6: As soon as you click, a new interface like this will appear in front of you.

Step-7: After this you have to click on the setting appearing in front of the arrow.

Step-8: Here you have to select the ac option by clicking on Area Units in front of the arrow visible.

Step-9: After this you come back to the home page.

Step-10: First of all stand where you want to measure your land and click on the +(plus) sign.

Step-11: After that you start walking from there and wherever you want to turn, you have to click on the plus sign there.

Step-12: In this way, from where you start walking, you have to come again while circling your field or land.

Step-13: In this way, when you take a complete round of your house or land, then its area will be selected on your mobile and there the actual amount of that area will be visible as acre, how many acres that land is spread over.

How to Download land measuring app

Step-1: To download the Mobile App to measure the land, first you have to go to the Google Play Store. There you have to search Area Calculator For Land

Step-2: You can download the land measuring mobile app by clicking on Install here.
Benefits of measuring land with mobile phone

  • The biggest advantage of measuring your farm or land with a mobile phone is that you yourself can easily measure the land at your place.
  • Your time will be saved on Mobile Phone Se Jameen Napne.
  • You will not need any Patwari or Lekhpal to get your land measured.
  • You will not have to visit government offices to get your farm or land measured, this will also save your money.


1. Which is the mobile land measurement app?

The best mobile app to measure land is Area Calculator For Land, which you can download from Google Play Store.

2. How to measure land by walking?

Friends, in today’s changing digital world, it is very easy to measure land/plot. For this, you can download the mobile land measurement app from Google Play Store.

3.Which app is right for land measurement?

By the way, if seen, you will find many mobile applications to measure land on Google Play Store, but Jameen Napne ki liye is the best Mobile Application :- Land calculator for Land.

4.How to download the farm measurement app?

The name of the farm or land measuring app is “Geo Area GPS Area Calculator”. Which you can download from Google Play Store.

5. How is the location measured from mobile?

If you want to measure the field or land with mobile, then its information is given in detail in this article. After reading which you can easily measure land from mobile.

6.How to measure bigha with mobile?

For this, first of all, you have to measure the field or land in any one unit from mobile, after that convert that unit into Bigha.

Conclusion:- Friends, in this article, we have tried to explain in detail on all these points, How to measure land from mobile, mobile se Zameen Kaise Nape, Chal kar Jameen Kaise nape, Mobile Phone Se Jameen Napne ka Fayda, if this article you all If you like it, please do comment and tell.


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