How to read others WhatsApp message on your mobile

How to read others WhatsApp message on your mobile: First of all, the answer to this question is “yes”. So the answer is, you can see someone else’s WhatsApp chats on your phone. This is not a hacking trick, but an easy method, which has been created by WhatsApp itself. Now you will say why would WhatsApp put its security at risk. Actually, his intention was not that the private chat of a WhatsApp user should reach another person.

But some suspicious people like you keep on searching how to hack your girlfriend’s WhatsApp. Well leave it, whatever your reason for knowing this method, but if it is a method then you should be aware of it.

If someone else tries to tamper with your WhatsApp, then you should know whether your WhatsApp is hacked or not. So let’s now know without wasting time, how to read other’s WhatsApp messages in your mobile.

How to read others WhatsApp message on your mobile

The first question is whose WhatsApp message you want to read. When I came to know how to read other’s WhatsApp messages, the first thing I did was hack a friend’s WhatsApp and try to find out who he chats with on WhatsApp.

For this I want to tell you one thing, definitely see your benefit, but do not create trouble for anyone. So my advice to you is to learn this trick and have fun.

whatsapp hacking tips

For the method we are going to tell you about WhatsApp hacking, you have to fulfill some conditions. It’s impossible for you to see someone else’s chats without following those rules. Below are some tips that you will need.

  • Step-1) The most basic thing is that you should have internet data along with smartphone and it should have good net speed.
  • Step-2) You must have their phone whose WhatsApp you want to hack.
  • Step-3) For this you will need an application named WhatsApp for WhatsApp. You will easily find this app in Google Play Store.
  • Step-4) Whose whatsapp you want to see, their phone should also have internet, if not then you can open hotspot and share internet with them.
  • Step-5) The last and most important thing about this trick to hack WhatsApp which we are going to tell you below.

When you will follow these things then you will be able to hack whatsapp of any phone. So let us now know about the trick for which you have come to this post.

How to run someone’s whatsapp in your mobile

There are two steps to hack WhatsApp, first what you have to do in your phone and second what you have to do in their phone. If you follow the steps given below correctly. So you will be able to easily see other’s WhatsApp chats in your phone. So let’s start with the first step.
What to do in your phone to hack WhatsApp:-

  • Step-1: To hack WhatsApp, first you have to download an app, which is named Whats Web. You will easily find it in playstore.
  • Step-2: After downloading the app, open it on your phone.
  • Step-3: Now click on the option of WHATS WEB.
  • Step-4: After scrolling down the screen, you will see a QR code.

Now you don’t need to do anything in your phone. Leave this QR code as it is because it will help you in hacking other’s WhatsApp. Now we come to the second step.

What to do For read others WhatsApp message on your mobile

  • Step-1: First of all, open WhatsApp on your friend or anyone whose mobile you want to hack WhatsApp.
  • Step-2: On the top left side of the chat screen, you have to click on more options symbol.
  • Step-3: Now many options will appear but you have to click on Linked Devices.
  • Step-4: Now click on Link A Device.
  • Step-5: Now the scan mode of WhatsApp will open in front of you. Now you have to scan the opened QR code in your mobile, which you got in the first step.
  • Step-6: As soon as you scan that QR code, your friend’s WhatsApp data will start showing on that app in your phone. Now you can easily see all his chats. Apart from this, you can do all the things that they used to do. Overall, their complete WhatsApp access comes to you.

With this method of hacking WhatsApp, you can easily check the details of WhatsApp of all your friends, Gf, Bf, relatives, children. Apart from this, you will find many other methods on the internet, in which it would have been told about hacking WhatsApp without touching the mobile.

But when you use those methods it will not work at all. Actually, no such online tool or app has been created that can breach the security of WhatsApp.

How to know if WhatsApp is hacked?

Even though WhatsApp calls itself a secure and private messaging app. Even though WhatsApp chats are protected by end-to-end encryption, hackers always find some loopholes. So how do you know if your WhatsApp has been hacked.

To know if your WhatsApp is active on an unknown device or not, go to the three dots in the top right corner of your WhatsApp window. Click on Linked Devices.

On this page you will be able to see the status of the device. It means which device was connected or linked to your WhatsApp account. If you see such a device, you can click on it to log out.

How to protect whatsapp from hacking

Knowing this is very important for your personal safety. We often make such small mistakes that our WhatsApp can be hacked. Today we use WhatsApp for almost every type of communication. That’s why we have to understand the importance of the security of WhatsApp.

Below are some tips that can protect your WhatsApp from being hacked

  • Avoid sharing your phone with everyone you suspect. If possible, keep pattern or password lock on your WhatsApp app with the help of screen lock.
  • Do not use any third party application that asks you permission for SMS, Contacts, Call details.
  • Make sure to put a screen lock on your phone too and make the password a bit complicated.
  • Secure your WhatsApp with two-step verification setting.
  • Never share your 6 digit WhatsApp code with anyone.

If you follow these methods then no one can hack your WhatsApp. Apart from this, you do not need to worry much, WhatsApp itself is so capable that it cannot be tampered with.

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Conclusion: We hope you liked our article “How to read others WhatsApp message on your mobile”. This is not a hacking trick but an easy way to share WhatsApp account. Well it is not secure at all from the point of view of security, so please do not misuse it. We hope that the information given by us will be useful to you. If you have any question related to this article or you want to give any suggestion then you must tell us through comment..Thank you!!


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