How to recover deleted call history

How to recover deleted call history: Sometimes we need call history. But now we don’t have that call history because we have deleted that call history. Now you don’t have to worry if you accidentally delete the call history from your hand. Because after reading this article today you will learn how to recover call history.

Many times it also happens that some of our family member or our friend talks to someone from our phone, and then he deletes the entire call log or his call history to hide the call history and we are from this point of view. Huh. It is unknown with whom and for how long he spoke.

But now you will be able to find this thing easily. So if you want to remove deleted call history then you will need an application for this and we will tell you which application it is. So let’s start.

How to recover deleted call history

πŸ“²Β Play Store App :-Β Download

  • First you need to download Call Log History & Backup from Google Play Store.
  • After that you have to open this app, then you have to accept all the terms and conditions.
  • Then you have to do OK and as soon as you do OK, you will see some options like Contacts, Call log, Share and you will see other options.
  • Out of all those options you have to click on call log and allow it.
  • As soon as you give permission, some more options will appear in front of you like backup, restore in and more options will be seen.
  • Out of all these options, you have to click on Backup, which creates a backup of all your call logs.
  • After this whenever a number is deleted from your call history or your call history is deleted, you can delete your call history by clicking on view backup.
  • If you want PDF file of your call log then you can also download PDF file by clicking on call log to PDF.

What is call history?

There are also some people who have just heard that we can delete our deleted call history, but they do not know what is call history after all. You must have noticed that many times you may be getting calls from an unknown number even if that call is coming from another country as well. So whenever someone calls you, that number is automatically saved in your call history from the same number.

That is, on which number you are calling and you are getting calls from any number, its list is made. This is what we call history. Through call history, you will be able to know which number has been talked to and from which number the call has come.

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Conclusion: Here complete information about “How to recover deleted call history” is given step by step. Now any person can get call details if needed. If you face any problem in this or have any query related to your call details then you can ask in below comment box. We will reply you very soon. Hope you liked today’s post. Do share this post with your family and friends. Thank you..!!


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