How to use Like App || What is Like App

How to use Like App || What is Like App: Today we are going to tell you what is Like App? If you also want to use Like app but you do not know about Like app then you have come to the right place. Because by this you will get to know how Like app works, today you will know through this post. We will explain it to you in very easy language. Hope you like all our posts. Similarly, keep liking all the posts coming on our blog.

Nowadays you get to see many such videos on the internet in which you must have seen more funny videos, dialogue videos, dancing videos. Many such videos are being made these days and are being shared on social media. Many people are also earning money by making such videos.

How to use Like App || What is Like App

This is a live streaming app. The Like app is available for iOS and Android. With the help of this app, you can make a great video. In this you get many fun features, using which you can make your videos very good.

It is available in 10 languages. It can be used in 10 languages. You can also upload your video on Like app as well as share on social media like – Facebook, Whats-app, Instagram, Share can be done. It has got 1 million downloads till now.

With its help, you can also create your own funny videos. If you also know acting or like to speak dialogues then you can use this app. If you also dance then this app is of great use to you, so far many people have downloaded it, if you also want to use it, then you have to download it first.

So let’s know how to use Like app? If you also want to make video by downloading it in your phone, then definitely read this post from beginning to end. You will get complete information only after reading the post completely.

How to Download Like App

To make a video on this app, you have to download it to your phone, so here’s how to download it:

📲 Play Store App :- Download

  • Download App – First of all download the app, you can download Like app from here.
  • Install – After downloading the app, install it.
  • Open the app – Now you can open the app and use it.

How to create account on like app

After installing the Like app, an account has to be created on it, know how to create an account on the Like app:

  • Open the app: First of all open the app.
  • Select Language: Here you have to select the language as soon as you open the app.
  • Create Account: Now you get some options in this to create an account. You can also create an account on it with your Facebook account or Google account or you can also do it with your mobile number.
  • Login App: After this you log in to the app.

How to use Like App

The Like app is very easy to use. You can use it very easily.

  • Profile Icon: First of all open the app, in this you will see the first option of your profile, click on it. Here you see the small icon of the profile you enter on the Like app and from here you can also set up your profile.
  • Follow: On clicking the follow button, you will see the video that you have put in it and you can also see the recommended videos here.
  • Popular: Videos that are popular are shown here. By clicking on it you can watch popular videos.
  • Nearby: Through this option, you can see people who are close to you and also tell their distance.
  • Latest: Here you can watch the latest video.
  • Global: If you want to see the video of any other country as well, then you can watch it by clicking on it.
  • Notification Bell: The notification bell is at the last, when someone likes or comments on your video, it appears from here.

Like App Key Features

If we further know what are the features you get in Like app, then by using the feature of How to run apps like Like app we know:

  • Select Music: If you want to make a video by adding a song, then by clicking on it, you have to select the song.
  • Shoot First: Click here to create your first or new video.
  • From Album: If you already have a video or want to upload a video from gallery then you can do it from here.
  • 4D Magic: With this feature you can create magic videos. For this, you have to act by turning on your camera and you can also edit it.
  • Face Stickers: From here you can give a new look to your face with stickers. And you can make your face different.
  • Music Magic: Here are a variety of Music Magic filters that add a magic effect to your videos.
  • Dialogue Acting: With this feature you can also act on any dialogue. In this you will find many dialogues which are very funny.

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Conclusion: We hope you like our article “How to use Like App || What is Like App”. Along with this you also know what are the features of Like App. We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you. If you have any query related to this article or If you want to give any suggestion, then you must tell us through the comment thank you..!!


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