Today we are going to give you information about how to watch IPL on PikaShow. PikaShow is a third party mobile application with the help of which you can watch all IPL matches for free. Most of the people of India who do not have the money to subscribe to Hotstar, take the help of PikaShow App to watch IPL or cricket matches of India.

Since PikaShow App is not available on Google Play Store, many people face a lot of problem in watching IPL through PikaShow App. But after reading this article till the end and following the process mentioned in it, any user can easily watch live IPL on PikaShow App.

Read this article till the end to watch live streaming of IPL matches on PikaShow App. So without taking much of your time, let’s start today’s article – How to watch the match on Picasso.

What is Picasso App

PikaShow is a popular video streaming application in which you can watch premium content for absolutely free. In PikaShow App, you can watch live streaming of sports like Movies, Web Series, TV Serials, Reality Shows, IPL, Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi.

PikaShow App shows its users premium content of more than 40 OTT platforms absolutely free, including Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix etc.

You can watch about 3000 International and National TV channels on PikaShow. You can use PikaShow App in Hindi, English and 7 regional languages of India.

How to Download PikaShow App?

You cannot download PikaShow App from Google Play Store because this app does not follow Google’s policy so it is not available on Play Store. But you can easily download PikaShow App through online websites and Apk Store.

Follow the following process to download PikaShow App on your Android smartphone.

  • First of all open the web browser in your mobile.
  • Now search by writing PikaShow Apk Download.
  • Many websites will come in front of you to download the PikaShow App.
  • To download the latest version of PikaShow App, open the website.
  • Here you will get the download link of PikaShow App, you can download PikaShow App in
  • your mobile by clicking on Download.
  • If you are downloading an app for the first time through the website, then go to Settings in your mobile and turn on the Unknown Source.
  • After this, you install the PikaShow App on your smartphone by clicking on Install.

In this way you can watch live IPL and cricket matches by downloading PikaShow App.

Let us tell you that you can download PikaShow App only in your Android device. This app is not available in iPhone because in iOS you cannot download any third party app due to security reasons.

How to use PikaShow App?

Using PikaShow App is very easy. You can use the PikaShow App immediately after downloading it. In this, you do not need to register through your mobile number, email ID or any social media handle and also this app does not ask for any kind of permission from you.

You will get to see the streaming of live IPL matches on the home screen of PikaShow App. By clicking on which you can watch the live IPL match.

PikaShow App provides user friendly interface to its users. In its dashboard, you get different categories like Bollywood, Hollywood, TV Serial and Live TV. You can see the content of any category by clicking on it.

How to watch IPL on PikaShow App?

Since PikaShow App shows premium content of almost all popular OTT platforms for free, you can also watch all upcoming IPL matches on Hotstar on PikaShow App. It is very easy to watch live streaming of IPL matches for free on PikaShow App.

If you face any problem in watching live IPL in this app, then follow the step-wise process mentioned below.

  • First open the PikaShow App.
  • On the homescreen, you will get the option of live IPL match, click on it.
  • If you do not get the Live IPL option on the homescreen, then click on the Live TV section.
  • Here you will get the option of live IPL match.
  • Now you can watch live streaming of IPL matches in your favorite language commentary.

How to watch cricket match on PikaShow App?

On PikaShow App you can watch live streaming of many cricket matches including live IPL. On this app, you can also watch all the international matches of India, domestic matches, international matches of other countries of the world. The following is the process to watch cricket matches on PikaShow App –

  • Open the PikaShow App.
  • Click on the section with Live TV.
  • Now all the live cricket matches will come in front of you.
  • Click on any match you want to watch.
  • After this live streaming of the selected cricket match will start playing in front of you.

In this way you can watch live streaming of any cricket match on PikaShow App.

Is it safe to watch live on the Picasso app?

If we talk legally, PikaShow is not a legal app to show IPL, Hotstar has the rights to show IPL on mobile and the credibility of PikaShow app cannot be trusted because this app is not present on Play Store. And there may be some danger to your device by downloading the PikaShow app.

But still many users watch live IPL matches on PikaShow. Because this app neither takes permission from you to access any kind of data nor do you have to register in it.

If you do not have the money to subscribe to Hotstar, then you can watch IPL on PikaShow App. And if you are concerned about your privacy then watching IPL on PikaShow App may not be a good decision for you.


How can I watch IPL for free?
You can watch IPL for free through PikaShow App, Thop TV and Oreo TV app.

Can I watch live IPL on PikaShow?
Yes, you can watch live streaming of all IPL matches on PikaShow App.

Where to Download the PikaShow App?
You can download the latest version of Pikashow App through Pikashows.Net website.

Which is the free app to watch IPL?
PikaShow App is a free app to watch IPL.

Final Word – How to Watch Live Cricket on PikaShow

In this article, we have known How to Watch Live Cricket Match on PikaShow App . If you also do not have the budget to subscribe to Hotstar, then you can also enjoy live IPL for free by downloading the PikaShow App.

Hope friends, you would have liked this article, if you have any questions related to this article, then you can ask us in the comment box. Also share this article with your friends on social media.


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