How to watch IPL 2023 for free on Jio Cinema – Like every year, this year also the day of IPL IPL season has been fixed, in the IPL season, all the IPL lovers have a desire to watch IPL for free.

This year IPL 16 season of IPL all you IPL lovers will get to watch IPL absolutely free, now you will be able to enjoy the whole IPL season by installing JIO Cinema App in your smartphone.

Past several years, the credit for showing IPL live streaming was with Hotstar where we had to subscribe to watch IPL on Hotstar, but this year in IPL 2023, the credit for showing IPL live streaming is with JIO Cinema where you You will not have to pay even 1 rupee to watch IPL, you will be able to watch IPL on Jio Cinema absolutely free.

Not only Jio users on JIO Cinema but Airtel, Vi and BSNL etc. will be able to watch in different users, watching IPL on JIO Cinema is new this year so many people want to know that JIO Cinema Par Free Me IPL Kaise Dekhe if you also If you want to know about it then stay on this article till the end.

What is JIO Cinema

Jio Cinema is a mobile app, we can also call it an Indian OTT streaming app, all the currently offered content on Jio Cinema is absolutely free, on this we get Live Sports, Entertainment, TV Shows, Movies, Original Web Shows, LIVE Cricket , Match highlights are available for free, if we go in clear words, then Jio Cinema is such an OTT platform where we get to see all the entertainment programs.

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From the year 2023, now popular cricket matches like- WPL, live swimming of IPL is being done absolutely free, no matter if you have a sim card of any company, you will be able to watch IPL IPL by installing Jio Cinema app in your phone.

How to Download jio Cinema App

You will get to see it on Google Playstore for Android phones and on App Store for iPhone. Jio Cinema is a very popular app, it has been downloaded by more than 100 million people on Playstore and it has got a rating of 3.4* stars by the people. .

If you are having trouble downloading Jio Cinema App, then you will be able to download JIO Cinema App easily by following the steps mentioned below.

Step-1: First of all, open the Play Store app on your smartphone and search by typing ‘JIO Cinema’ in the search box above.

Step-2: You will get to see many apps in Playstore search result, you have to install the first app.

Step-3: Open Jio Cinema after it is installed, open the app by allowing all the permissions.

How to Watch IPL for free on Jio Cinema

After successfully downloading Jio Cinema app and installing it, now everyone wants to know JIO Cinema Par Free Me IPL Kaise Dekhe if you have Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL etc. to watch IPL for free from any company’s sim card. For this, follow the easy steps mentioned below.

Step-1: First open the Jio Simena app.

Step-2: Now below you will get to see the section of TATA IPL, click on it.

Step-3: After this you will see TATA IPL logo in the section of Key Tournaments, click on it.

Step-4: After doing this, you will get to see the logo of the team with which the IPL match is going today, by clicking on it you will be able to watch the live broadcast of IPL.

How to update JIO Cinema App

As we know that update in any app comes for its good, app’s bugs are fixed, features are added etc. When update comes in any app, it should be updated immediately. How to update Jio Cinema app? It has been explained below.

Step-1: Open the Playstore app on your mobile.

Step-2: Then click on the logo icon on the top right.

Step-3: Here you will get to see many options but you should choose the option with Manage app and device.

Step-4: Now select the option with Updates available.

Step-5: After this, all those apps will appear in front of you, which need to be updated now.

Step-6: Click on the update option in front of the app you want to update.

Step-7: If you agree with us, then you click on the option of Update all, so that all the apps of

Step-8: Your phone will be updated.

how to watch live ipl on jio cinema in laptop or computer

If you have a PC or laptop and you want live IPL on Jio Cinema in laptop or computer, then it is very easy, for this follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step-1: First of all, you have to open any internet browser in your computer or laptop, I would suggest you to use Chrome browser only.

Step-2: Now search by typing “Jio Cinema” in Google search

Step-3: Many websites will appear in Google’s search result, you have to open the first website ““.

Step-4: After this, the official website of Jio Cinema will open in front of you, you will see an emoji on the top right and click on it and click on the option of “Login”.

Step-5: After this, enter your mobile number and click on the option of “Continue”.

Step-6: 6 digit OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, fill it and click on “Continue” option.

Step-7: After doing this, you have logged in to Jio Cinema, you go to the section of “TATA IPL”, there you will get to watch live IPL.

What are the features of Jio Cinema

  • Jio Cinema is very easy to use, even if you are using this app for the first time, you can use Jio Cinema very easily.
  • You can listen live commentary of any cricket match in your local language on Jio Cinema.
  • Jio cinema can not only be used by Jio sim but whatever sim card you have like- Airtel,
  • Jio, Idea-Vodafone, BSNL etc. You will be able to use Jio cinema app from any network.
  • Using Jio Cinema, you can watch live cricket matches (IPL, World Cup) etc. popular cricket tournaments on Jio Cinema for free.
  • Apart from cricket matches on Thop TV, we get to watch entertainment programs like new and old movies, web series, episodes, TV shows, comedy etc.
  • A very small amount of advertisements are seen on Jio Cinema.
  • All types of programs are absolutely free on Jio Simena.
  • You will be able to watch live cricket on Jio Cinema in 4k high video quality.
  • You can watch live cricket on Jio Simena on your SmartTV, Laptop, PC etc. without any subscription.

Best JIO Cinema Alternative Top 10 Apps

There are many apps available on the internet like Jio Cinema through which you can watch the entire IPL match live.

  • Hotstar
  • Jio tv
  • Amazon prime
  • Thop TV
  • Voot App
  • Picshow
  • RTS TV
  • Oreo TV

FAQ’s – Related to How to Watch watch IPL on Jio Cinema?

How to download Jio Cinema?
If you use Android phone then you can easily download from Google Playstore and if you use iPhone then you can download Jio Cinema app from App Store.

How to watch IPL on Jio Cinema?
To watch free IPL on Jio Cinema, open the Jio Cinema app, you will be able to see the TATA IPL section at the bottom, by clicking on it you will be able to watch IPL live.

Jio Cinema App Not Working.
If Jio Cinema is not working properly, then you should first update Jio Cinema App to the latest version and then check, if it is not working even after that, then clear the cache of Jio Cinema App. After that open the app again.

How to watch today’s IPL match?
If you want to watch IPL today, Friday, 31st March 2023, then you can watch live IPL by downloading JIO Cinema App.

Jio Cinema App belongs to which country?
Jio Cinema is an Indian application.

Who has created JIO Cinema App?
Reliance Jio Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. has created the Jio Cinema App.

Is it safe to use Jio Cinema App?
Yes, of course, this is also a matter of asking, this is an Indian app and is also available on Playstore, so there is no risk of virus, so you can use it safely.

Can I watch the complete series of IPL 2023 for free on JIO Cinema App?
Yes, you can watch IPL 2023 live streaming for free by installing the Jio Cinema app from Playstore.

Can Airtel SIM holders watch IPL for free on Jio Cinema?
Yes, of course, if you have any sim card, you can watch live free IPL from it.

Conclusion:- Hope you have liked this post JIO Cinema Par Free Me IPL Kaise Dekhe, if you have any problem in understanding about it or have any question, then you can ask in the comment box, we will definitely answer your question.

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