Incoming Call Name Telling App 2022: Friends, it happens many times that we are doing some work and a call comes on our mobile, in such a situation, if our mobile is lying somewhere far away, then we have to go there to see whose call is coming. Whether mobile is coming or not. Us. Also lying in pocket.

Still we have to remove and see whose call is coming and in such a situation, many times such calls come which are not so important for us but still we waste time watching them.

In such a situation, many people think that if there is such a way that without seeing the name of the person whose call is coming, then if you are also searching about such an application, then this post of ours is for you. . going to be very important.

Because in this post we are going to give you information about a similar application that will tell the name of the incoming caller on your mobile, so let’s start without delay.

Incoming Call Name Telling App 2022

Now the phone name we are going to tell is very easy to use and you can easily download this application from google playstore.

The name of this application is Caller Name Announcer Pro. You can take the help of playstore to download the name telling app when this call comes. You can easily download this app by searching its name in playstore.

This application has also got a rating of 4.2 stars on Google Playstore and also this application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people from Playstore. Below we are telling you some special features of this application.

  • You can set this app for both calls and messages.
  • This app will tell the name of the people whose number is saved in your mobile when the call is received.
  • If the number is not saved in your mobile then this app will voice the caller’s number.
  • If you wish, you can set to speak Save Contacts or Unknown Numbers only from Settings.
  • You can also set the number of calls in this app to the name of the caller.
  • You can also enable it for your WhatsApp messages.

Now if you also want your mobile to tell the name of the caller when the call is received, then follow the steps given by us.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

  • Step-1- First of all open playstore in your mobile.
  • Step-2- Now search Caller Name Announcer Pro in the top shown search bar and install the app.
  • Step-3- Now open Caller Name Announcer Pro app in your mobile.
  • Step-4- As soon as it is opened, this app will ask you for permission for Android access, give them permission.
  • Step-5- Now you will get the option of Speech Test, on clicking on it you will hear a voice.
  • Step-6- After that some more options will appear from where you can enable announcing for your calls and messages as shown in the photo below.

આ પણ વાંચો…

In this way you can make your mobile attractive through these easy steps and through this application.

Let us tell you, after enabling this app, whenever you get a call, the name of the person whose call will come will be called ringtone along with your caller tune i.e. the name of the caller will be spoken. If the number of the incoming caller is not saved in your mobile then this app will call on the number of the caller.

Also, whenever you receive a message, this app will read you the message and you can enable it for WhatsApp message as well.

Other Incoming Call Name Telling App 2022

If you are not satisfied with this application mentioned above, then we are telling you the names of some more such applications which you can easily download and use through playstore.

  • Caller Name Announcer : Themes
  • Say Whos calling & Text me
  • Auto Caller Name Announcer

In this way you can also know the name of the caller from your mobile using these apps. If I give my opinion then you should use caller name announcer only.

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Conclusion: We hope you liked our article “Incoming Call Name Telling App 2022”. This app is very easy to use and also we have given complete information to use it so that you can use this app easily. We hope that the information provided by us will be useful for you. If you have any question related to this article or you want to give any suggestion then you must tell us through comment..Thank you!!


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