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It is a big challenge for today’s youth to find their desired job after completion of education. In today’s time, education is very important to make our good future, on the basis of education, we also get jobs according to our wishes. And when we go for a job interview, the most important thing is our resume. In that resume, there are many other information related to our education so that we get good jobs. And sometimes due to bad resume, good job opportunity is also lost from our hands. So let us tell you what is your resume through this post today? How to make on computer or mobile? We will tell you all the important information related to this.

What is Resume?

Resume and Curriculum Vitae are a type of introduction. So that you can use for your job. Resume contains your name, number, email, qualification, strength, weekly work experience or your achievements. By which the interview gets to know about you. If your resume is good then it has a good impression on the interview and if your resume is bad then there is a bad impression on the interview. And that leaves a good opportunity out of your hands. A resume is only a page or two in which you put all of your information in the brief.

Type of Resume

Chronological Resume

This basic resume type is best for those who have a solid employment background with no shortage of work history. It is also beneficial if most of your experience coincides with the job you are interested in. Last 10- 15 years should be listed on the resume. Start with the most current position and work backward. It’s not set in stone that only full-time jobs include part-time positions, volunteer work, or anything else that emphasizes the skills you have to offer.

Functional Resume

Functional Resume A resume focuses on your skills and experience. This basic resume type is better if you have employment. The gap can be due to any number of reasons such as family, illness or job loss. It is also beneficial for fresh graduates who have limited employment experience. Or there are people who are in the midst of a career change. People who have diverse occupations with no focused career path.

Combination Resume

A combination resume lets you highlight your skills and traits and provides a chronological listing of your work experience. This gives you a flexible platform to list your workplace assets and show how you are Have employees list the most recent or advanced degree you have available only and work in reverse order.

Targeted Resume

The last format you want to consider is a targeted resume. This basic resume type is customized and specific to the desired location. Your work history, qualifications, and education are reflections of the job requirements. For example, you may apply for a position as a book editor at a publishing company.

Purpose of Resume

As you all know that getting a job requires not only a resume but a good resume. Only then you can get a good job according to your qualifications. If required qualifications are present in your resume then you are called for interview for that post by the HR of the company as it is the HR side that decide whether to call you for interview or not. So you have to prepare your resume very well. Resume is the only way where your skills, work and experience are tested, if the interviewer gets impressed with you, then your chances of a job increase more.

What Happens in Resume?

1- Begin the resume with your name. First enter your name, number, email address, and you can also put your photo to make the resume more attractive. When we make a resume, we use a template. Each template has a different structure. In which different options are used. Through this you can also put your photo in Resume.

2- In the second part of the resume, the person puts his objective. Meaning in which field do you want to work and in which field do you specialize.

3- Our weaknesses and limitations are written. There is an important importance of resume strength, which lets the interviewer know about your nature.

4- In the fourth part of the resume, people write their merits. The qualities of a person tell his specialty that what a person can and cannot do.

5- In the fifth part of the resume, your achievements tell what you have achieved and which awards you have won.

6- There is a declaration in the sixth part of the resume, in the declaration you give your signature that all the information given above is correct.

7- With the resume and in the last part, enter your name, date and signature.

Resume Making Tips

  • Gather company and position information
  • List your achievements
  • Choose the right resume type
  • Try to limit the resume to one page
  • Spend time formatting
  • Be mindful of language and grammar
  • Avoid lying and boasting
  • Please read again before submitting

Difference between Resume, CV and Resume

1- Resume- Resume means resume only and resume contains brief description of our educational qualifications. It is made for new job, it is especially in demand in the industry. It is made on about 2 letters.

2- CV- CV means Curriculum Vita i.e. is a brief description of educational qualifications from the life order. It is also made for the job and it is limited to educational, medical, science and law. Usually the length of CV is up to 4 letters, which can increase or decrease.

3-Biodata- Biodata means life cycle is also used for jobs. Especially for government and related works. Its length is also up to 2 letters and it contains complete information of that person.

Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a Resume

  • The most important thing is that while making a resume, you should not copy paste it because the person who takes the interview catches that thing very easily.
  • While making a resume, you have to use the bullet form so that the person in front can understand it better.
  • When you make a resume, do not tell any negative thing in that resume as your weakness because only the person in front knows how to take that thing. If he asks you something, you can explain it to him.
  • To create a resume, you have to take great care of font size and font typing because if both these things are not right then there may be problem in seeing and understanding the front.
  • Do not use short form while creating resume because not everyone understands short form.

Process of creating resume on computer

  • Open MS Word on computer.
  • After opening MS Word, you have to click on the file, click on the file and select New.
  • To listen to the template, you will see some options on the right side, a task will open with it, in the task pane, click on such on my computer.
  • The two templates you have on your computer will see you through
  • After clicking on another document, you will see Receive Mirza, click on it and click OK.
  • After opening the resume wizard, you will have to choose the style of the resume and select Receive Mr and click on Next.
  • Now you have to enter your information like name address phone number email and click on Next.
  • You will have to put the heading after not putting your thinking, after entering the heading, if you have to put any heading from yourself, then you can add that heading to your resume.
  • In this way your resume will be ready and you can also take its print out. In this way you can create your resume on computer.

How to Make Resume in Mobile

  • First of all you have to download an android app Resume Builder App to create resume in mobile.
  • Open the details in the Resume builder app, Create Resume and fill all your details in it carefully.
  • After reading your details you have to generate resume and download delivery om generate office.
  • After downloading the Resume Template word, you will have to use Resume, in the preview, you will see your resume, how have you prepared that resume.

Process to Send Resume

  • Sending a resume for a job is very easy. To send the resume, you must have the correct email id of the person to whom you want to send the resume.
  • First of all open your email.
  • After opening the email, you will see the option of compose in the lift side, click on it. Now a page will open in front of you in which you will see some options.
  • Enter the email address of the person whom you want to send the resume or email here.
    If you want to send a copy of your mail to someone else, then enter his mail here.
  • This is a ‘blind copy’. Using this option, you can send an email to people and all of them will get a copy of the mail. But he will not be able to see who else has received the copy of the mail.
  • Here you have to write and send what is your subject.
  • Now you will see the option of attachment at the bottom, click on it and where you have saved the resume.
  • Select and upload your resume from there. After that send it by clicking on the send button.
  • In this way, you can also send your resume via email.

Conclusion:- I hope that through this article you will understand that how to make resume by computer and mobile?


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